Templates & Guides

sales-stagesSales Stages

Template that identifies seven sales stages. The probability percentage, description and associated buyer activities are also included. Having explicitly defined sales stages provides the necessary foundation for an effective sales process and for measuring results attained over time. Posts that relate to this topic include:  Assessing Sales Forecast Accuracy (January 22, 2013) and Tracking Sales Stages (February 25, 2013).

message-platform-templateMessage Platform

Template of a three step process to develop a succinct company message. Posts that relate to this topic include:  Creating a Message Platform (January 17, 2013) and Is Your Company Messaging on Track (February 7, 2013).


Customer Presentation FlowCustomer Presentation Flow

Map of a five step process for engaging customer presentations related to a post on the topic(June 13, 2013). Avoid death-by-PowerPoint with material that maps to specific customer challenges.



Pixlr Demo

Three minute video showing the manipulation of a composite image with Pixlr. This online imaging software is available for use at no charge. Photoshop users will find the user interface familiar. While it has fewer features, Pixlr is great when you don’t have ready access to Photoshop.