Five Stars

Las Vegas at Night

Did you know that you can stay in a 5 star-hotel in Las Vegas for $97/night + tax? That’s the mid-week rate we just booked for a quick get-away. Southwest flights from San Jose are $72 each way. Our plan is to buy show tickets once we’re there.

Hotel rates are higher and last minute show tickets are more limited on weekends. But a mid-week trip is a good option for us as I’ve recently resigned from my job. Back up. Resigned? Yep, I won’t go into the why’s here. But, I’m very fortunate to be in a position that enabled me to make what clearly was the right call without having my professional next steps mapped out in advance. My decision to resign wasn’t a Steven Slater moment. My departure included an orderly transition, goodbye luncheon and no emergency slide.

My husband has never been to Las Vegas so while we don’t think of ourselves as Las Vegas people, we’re looking forward to checking things out in town. We’ll also allocate time for some areas near Las Vegas that are known for their scenic natural beauty and good hiking.

The trip I really want to book is a one month stay in Antibes. That one will take additional planning and some real arithmetic.


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