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Collaborative Market Insight Using Smartsheet

If you are part of a team-selling environment, there is a role for sales people, applications engineers, product managers and executives. Still, it can be challenging to have to have a full view of customer projects that may be a fit, to track activity in key market segments or quickly access the current sales plan for your Continue Reading »

Working with Semiconductor IP Customers

For most of my career, I’ve worked in the EDA industry. These days I’m working with a semiconductor IP company focused on non-volatile memory IP. There are many similarities between the two markets but also some differences. For one thing, we have a lab in which we can perform IP qualification tests. Given my focus Continue Reading »

The Monuments Men Movie and the Peril of Selecting the Wrong Strategy

The true events behind the story depicted in The Monuments Men are fascinating but the George Clooney movie is a dud. The core issue is strategic. I’m convinced that rich source material exists to have created the fantastic movie that my husband and I were hoping to see. That great movie would have been suspenseful and Continue Reading »

Does Your Product Require Expert Users?

When I first joined Sigrity, the product had shown it could help experts in electromagnetics identify power and signal integrity issues in computer chips and systems. The company’s software was seen as tools by PhDs for PhDs. The problem was that even large organizations only had one or two of these experts on staff and Continue Reading »

Help Customers Find Your Site

With more than 19 billion keyword phrase searches in the US every month, there are many opportunities for potential customers to find your company. Being smart about selecting keyword strings that reflect the value you bring to your target customers will help generate inbound sales leads and accelerate revenue growth. Here are a few tips Continue Reading »

Cultivating Business in Japan

It’s looking like this will be the first year for fruit from the Hosui and Nijisseiki Japanese pear trees I planted three years ago. Making a sale to a top tier Japanese company also requires time and careful nurturing. Having been to Japan dozens of times since my first trip in 2001, I’ve learned there Continue Reading »

10 Japanese Electronics Firms

The 10 companies featured here, each appear on the 2012 Fortune Global 500 list. They have diverse technology portfolios and exert broad market influence. The chart includes Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Canon, NEC, Sharp and Ricoh. It provides a snapshot of company revenue and profit along with primary technology markets and competitors. Continue Reading »

Selecting Your Best Target Market

Over 4,000 species of fish inhabit coral reefs with immense variety in size and behavior. The same diversity characterizes the market ecosystem in which products flourish or die. It’s tempting to try sell to every company that could potentially use your product, yet this is rarely the best way. To maximize the potential for success Continue Reading »

Expanding Your Business in Korea

Enterprise sales to Korean companies are accelerating making the country a top tier global market for many technology segments. I’m most familiar with the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) where revenue from Korea is approaching $300 million a year.

Smartphones are Center-Stage for Semiconductor Industry

The recent 2013 Gartner semiconductor market forecast continues to show growth opportunity concentrating around smartphones (with 33% projected 2013 unit growth) and tablets (with 38.5% projected 2013 unit growth). These growth rates are up from Gartner’s earlier estimates back in Q3 2012. It comes even as overall 2013 semiconductor forecasts have been pared back to Continue Reading »