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Old and New … Sales Tips and Temples

When I visit customers in Japan, I’m always struck by the juxtaposition between old and new. The photo above is of the main hall (Daiden) at the Zoji-ji temple which is located right by Tokyo Tower. There is another temple gate on the site that dates from 1622. I’ll talk about that temple gate in a Continue Reading »

Implementing Salesforce – Uploading Contacts

The more contact information that can be pre-populated into your implementation, the more your sales team will develop an affinity for the tool as part of their daily sales process. When a colleague and I were working to set up our new installation last month, we were given some bad advice. We were told Continue Reading »

Implementing Salesforce – Pairing Account Names and Sites

Two weeks ago a colleague and I trained our sales team to use This is the fourth time I’ve deployed the cloud-based application. Each time there is something to learn or to relearn. Here I’ll focus on the central role played by Accounts in and how to avoid getting tripped up. There are Continue Reading »

Sales Advice from a Junior Hockey Player

After a recent dominating win, my nephew, (who plays for the San Jose Junior Sharks) was asked why he thought it was such a rout. He said, “We’re bigger and have better skills.” When asked about the recent tournament in Vancouver BC, his comment was “We lost a lot. They were bigger and had better skills.” I love this. Continue Reading »

Three Sales Initiatives that Produce Results

14 weeks remain to bring in the numbers for the year. How are you doing year-to-date? Will you meet or exceed your targets? There’s time to implement a customer centric growth plan to close incremental business. If your projections are falling short, here are three initiatives that can help fill the gap and enable you Continue Reading »

Relieving Customer Pain

To accelerate business growth it really helps if you can establish a position as a ‘must have product’ by addressing meaningful customer pain. Some marketeers (and nearly all VCs) refer to this as vitamin vs. aspirin positioning. Many brush aside the potential for long term health. Far fewer refuse the pain cure offered by aspirin Continue Reading »

Being a Playmaker and a Teammate

In hockey a playmaker has speed, balance, judgement and the stick-handling skills to maneuver through opponents. Great playmakers have the judgement to pass the puck to well positioned teammates to maximize scoring. My nephew landed a spot today on an elite hockey team for his age group. He’s skated for 10 of his 14 years Continue Reading »