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Negotiation Tips – Show Up and Stake Out Your Best Position

Cringe worthy BART management vs. union negotiations continue to play out in the press. Today is supposed to be a big day at the negotiation table if a looming Bay Area transit strike is to be averted. There have been missteps on both sides that lead me to a couple of observations that can be Continue Reading »

Don’t Borrow Trouble

That’s what my grandmother used to say when I’d worry about things like, “What if the kids in my new neighborhood don’t want to play with me?” I’m sharing this aphorism on Independence Day because, it turns out, this was an expression George Washington also used. It’s easy to borrow trouble in business, letting anxiety Continue Reading »

Relieving Customer Pain

To accelerate business growth it really helps if you can establish a position as a ‘must have product’ by addressing meaningful customer pain. Some marketeers (and nearly all VCs) refer to this as vitamin vs. aspirin positioning. Many brush aside the potential for long term health. Far fewer refuse the pain cure offered by aspirin Continue Reading »