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Four Companies – Similar Approach to Anchor Content

A review of four large companies shows they handle web-based anchor content in very similar ways. This helps their potential customers navigate to relevant content. At that point, the companies work to differentiate themselves and influence action to build interest. Four company anchor content study I performed a search using the keyword string “Interface IP.” Continue Reading »

Anchor Content – Ten Company Review

This study of ten firms focuses on effectively directing organic search results to a company’s anchor content. The ten companies I reviewed offer electronic design automation software or semiconductor design IP. Each of these organizations is private and relatively small. None are likely to have dedicated web content strategy teams.

Help Customers Find the Content that Matters Most

Your company’s web presence is an invaluable resource for showing customers how you can help them. The goal is to transform casual web hits into real interest by navigating prospects to high quality web content that shows how your company addresses their challenge. Effective content management strategy is an essential part your company’s sales enablement Continue Reading »

Relieving Customer Pain

To accelerate business growth it really helps if you can establish a position as a ‘must have product’ by addressing meaningful customer pain. Some marketeers (and nearly all VCs) refer to this as vitamin vs. aspirin positioning. Many brush aside the potential for long term health. Far fewer refuse the pain cure offered by aspirin Continue Reading »

5 Steps for Presentations that Engage Customers

Nowhere is the challenge of “not seeing the forest for the trees” more acute than when a 75 slide company overview presentation is shown in a customer meeting. Audience reactions range from vague interest to outright boredom. Here instead is a 5 step presentation flow that supports your company’s value message in a way that Continue Reading »

Is Your Company’s Messaging On-Track?

If you’re fortunate, target customers clearly understand what your company does. If not, it is essential to revisit your message platform before making investments in promotion, broad market outreach or sales team expansion. An earlier post described my three step process for creating a message platform consisting of a five second description of what the Continue Reading »

Creating a Message Platform

It’s easy to agree that it is essential to effectively tell your company’s value story as a magnet to attract new customers and gain their confidence. Still, there are times where this can be a little tricky to do. Here’s a three step flow I’ve repeatedly used. We’ll be focusing on the first two steps Continue Reading »