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Excel Tip – Summarize at the Top

Using Excel Subtotals, Method 9 will enhance spreadsheet clarity by giving you a nice way to put headline information right at the top. This technique is particularly helpful for long single-sheet projects that incorporate the use of Excel Filters. Spreadsheets profiling target markets, reviewing sales territory results and projections, and assessing customer focused initiatives can become lengthy. Clear Continue Reading »

Three Sales Initiatives that Produce Results

14 weeks remain to bring in the numbers for the year. How are you doing year-to-date? Will you meet or exceed your targets? There’s time to implement a customer centric growth plan to close incremental business. If your projections are falling short, here are three initiatives that can help fill the gap and enable you Continue Reading »

Growth: Priority #1, #2 and #3

Everything good comes from growth. At the time Sigrity was acquired by Cadence, we were growing at an annual pace of 25% and the rate was accelerating. Cadence purchased the company to drive growth for a business unit that badly needed it. The match is good and the potential for continued growth is promising. Here Continue Reading »